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Phone repairing and Device management

All devices are subject to pre-diagnostics checks and faults encounter. So that, Corrective measures can be taken to provide robust solutions.

Broken Screen or Touch

We can fix all broken screens, lcd discolorations, Cracked and chipped glasses within a day.

Charging port or Charging IC replacements

All type of broken charging port, IC, or any fault related to power management can be done efficiently.

Face ID, Dot Projector or Micro Soldering

Every type of motherboard issue, face id issue, CPU or any tech query we can provide solutions.

Water damage

All water damage devices are subject to live diagnostics check. We phones & Vapes 4 all have track record of delivering exceptional services in respective jobs.

Back Glasses and Camera Lens

We can remove cracked back glasses for all type of devices and provide new look to your mobiles. We also provide housing and new camera lens solutions within a day.

Battery Replacements

All type of batteries can be fixed for any type of handsets.

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Phones & Vapes Corporate Orders and Discounts:

We are the youngest and dynamic company in terms of business and trading. We provide corporate deals in satisfying telecom requirements and repair to all types of devices. We have tied up with local neighboring companies and partners associated with our business and provided them exclusive prices in terms of repair and unlocking devices. We always welcome new opportunities and providing our services to new entrants by joining hands. During this year of pandemic, we have given heavy discounts on repairing and bulk buying of mobiles, ipads, etc.

Phones & Vapes always ready to take up challenges and delivering success

We as an emerging brand in a perfectly competitive market try to stand out best in terms of our performance and passion for technology. We have proven track records of changing impossible to possible. We have given Sales, Repairs, and Refurbishing to almost dead and no run devices. Our reviews and customer support has driven us this far and continue to do so.

Phones & Vapes relation to Android, MacBooks, Ios and Macos

We are premium dealers in buying and selling all types of devices and provide reinstating the software and programming. We also provide unlocking, data recovery, hard drive recovery to the customers, keeping their data confidentiality in consideration. We have been doing this for years and our professional roots are deeply embedded into these sorts of tasks and repairings.

Sell your mobile, tablet and laptop

Cash your Products! New or Used

Prices are subject to description and test run of the device. We buy all devices in our multiple retail locations. Read more about selling your product to the Phones & Vapes 4 All.